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Why choose a designer TV stand?

Screens have become an important part of our everyday lives. Whether they're in our pockets, hanging on the wall or on a desk, they've become indispensable. TEMAHOME's designer TV stands, created by our Franco-Portuguese design team, will showcase your TV in your living room or bedroom.

Whether it's the height, the front, the storage or the drawers, your furniture has been designed to combine contemporary, trendy style with essential functionality. Your audiovisual equipment is safe in a sturdy unit made from predominantly recycled materials with an optimised carbon footprint. Your multimedia space will take on a whole new aesthetic and ecological dimension, while remaining perfectly functional.

Which TV unit for my home?

The TV corner is a central element in your living room. The location and position of your screen must match your interior design. The style of designer TV furniture we offer is contemporary, practical and a natural match for your audiovisual equipment. The compartments for cables and lights of all kinds have been designed to strike the right balance between TEMAHOME's aesthetic appeal and the furniture's expected functionality.

For the harmony of your living room, no element should be ignored when making your choice. The colour, type and height of your Hi-Fi furniture must be appropriate to your needs. Our designer TV benches can also be assembled on matt black metal legs, or in varnished, lacquered or stained solid beech. Choose from our wide range!

What style of designer TV unit should I choose?

In keeping with the company's values, our team of designers has created a range of TEMAHOME TV stands in a contemporary style that's perfectly suited to today's lifestyles. Our low and wall-mounted TV stands are available in a wide choice of colours, finishes and materials to bring out their sleek look in your living space. Made from high-quality, mostly recycled materials, our modern, trendy furniture will satisfy your furnishing needs while adding a touch of class to your decor. Don't hesitate any longer and treat your living room to a designer TV unit that will blend in perfectly with your sofa and coffee table for a timeless, trendy ensemble.

How to choose a TV stand?

Temahome and its team of professional designers are keen to offer you a range of designer furniture at the best prices that will ideally enhance your interior space. The designer TV furniture we make allows you to enjoy your multimedia activities while harmonising the decor of your living room. Our furniture is as functional as it is attractive: it features plenty of storage space and modern lines to create a TV unit that goes perfectly with your coffee table, console or bookcase. Your multimedia space should be synonymous with well-being and relaxation, which is why we want to offer you elegant TV furniture whose style coordinates subtly with the layout of your living space. Our aim? Twist your interior and let you express your style and personality to the full.

The multimedia area is often a central place in a house or flat, so the choice of TV furniture is important. To find the furniture that best suits your living space, start by measuring the space required for your TV and multimedia accessories. Also think about avoiding reflections on the screen and placing your sofa far enough away to avoid damaging your eyes. Then think about the different accessories you want to put in your TV corner: do you just want to put your screen there, or are you planning to add games consoles or speakers? Do you want to decorate your furniture with decorative objects? Once you've answered all these questions, all that's left to do is find the designer TV stand that's just right for your room.

On the other hand, if your dining room overlooks your living room, you may want to enjoy an everyday meal while watching TV? In this case, the height of the piece of furniture also has a role to play. You need to be comfortable enough to watch TV from a distance (especially if it's not an ultra-wide model), without having to lift your head too much when enjoying it from the sofa.

What's the point of designer TV furniture?

Our professional designers compete in creativity and ingenuity to bring you TV furniture that is both functional and beautiful. First of all, we want your TV unit to contain enough storage space so that you can easily organise your multimedia space. A TV bench is a central piece of furniture in your living room, so it's important that it's elegant. All our designer TV stands are designed with a clean, modern look that will blend in perfectly with your living room decor, sofa and coffee table.

If you choose a contemporary TV bench with doors containing one or more shelves, you'll be able to use your furniture for storage. You can use it as a TV stand and for storing various objects, without leaving them in plain sight.

A piece of designer furniture for your TV can also be placed in a room dedicated to the office, in an adult or children's bedroom, or in a landing room used as a playroom for your children. That's why you need to think about how you want to position this piece of furniture in your home to determine the most appropriate dimensions.

How do you choose the finish for a designer TV unit?

The finish of your designer TV unit depends on the atmosphere you want to give to your multimedia space. A combination of walnut veneer and white chipboard panels is the ideal compromise between modernity, elegance and comfort. For a warm, original touch, you can also opt for a natural black oak or even anthracite walnut finish - you can already imagine it in your living room.

Our designer TV benches can also be mounted on matt black metal legs, in varnished or white-stained solid beech, satin lacquer or natural wood veneer. In a dining room that opens onto the living room, some people prefer to match their living room furniture to that in the dining room, while others prefer to create two styles that vary slightly in terms of colour and finish. We offer TV benches in black or white, with oak wood tops, furniture in anthracite, or completely white with wooden legs, or solid black with a concrete-effect top. There are plenty of colours to choose from. It's up to you to create your ideal TV unit! Industrial? Traditional? Temahome has a wide range of designer furniture for you to choose from.

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