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Born in Vila Franca de Xira in 1986, from young showed aptitude for design, in modifying forms(shapes) and in the use of colours. In Lisbon, began by studying Equipament Design in the secundary shool of Artistica António Arroio and from there continued his studies at Instituto de Artes Visuais Design e Marketing (IADE) were he concluded a masters degree in Design and Visual Culture with a specialization in the Design of Industrial Production. Finishing University obtained his first distinction by getting 2º place in the contest “Best Design STBox TDT” promoted by Novabase/Portugal Telecom. 

His entrepreneurship led him to creat his company NTGJ Packaging Design, were he won several design awards, among them the famous Red Dot Design Award, also has seen some of his work published in several design books (magazines). 

With a particular fascinatin for Nordic design, his entry in the team TemaHomes has allowed him to further develop even more his concept in giving meaning to industrial products, converting the aplications and technologies, in innovative and emocional products. The relationship between human behaviour, technologies and it’s interactions arises his creativity and the ability in offering new solutions. 

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