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[1961] First base in France
[1981] Second factory in Portugal

It all began with
the meeting of two countries

The TEMAHOME group, now present in more than 40 countries, was created following a merger between our Thônes base, established in 1961, and our Tomar factory, established in 1981. This association allowed the company to develop around a dual culture. Thanks to a permanent collaboration, we work in unison for the TEMAHOME of tomorrow. This dual influence is felt in our products and services. Whether they're our designers, our technicians, our operators or our team leaders, everyone participates in this Franco-Portuguese culture to share with you our vision of living space design.



This is our group's first pillar. We like to share all creative stages with our customers. Designer vision, place of manufacture, quality, maintenance etc. This database also allows you to send us your feedback so that we can improve our products and services.


Nothing is more exciting than inventing new ways of doing things. Our creativity pushes us to innovate continuously in all the areas important to us, to offer you new visions of interior design.


Let positive vibes enter your home. We want your home to be at its best. This mission can only succeed through a bold and harmonious design, adapted to your contemporary lifestyle. The TEMAHOME style is a touch of subtle originality and universal elegance.


We are a brand with a cosmopolitan vocation, with French and Portuguese origins. We take care of our customers and the planet. In a world where energy transition and sustainable development are imperatives, we are constantly mobilised to have a positive impact!

Meet Philippe Moreau!


Our goal of helping our customers bring out the best in their homes is both a huge challenge and the most exhilarating goal there is.
n effect, the products and services we develop affect the personal lives of our customers, their families and their close friends.
For them, we constantly strive to combine the functionality of our creations with the positive vibes they emanate.
Succeeding in squaring the circle by combining a practical response to domestic needs, universal elegance and subtle originality while ensuring the accessibility of our products. Both economically and practically, this is the beauty and extreme challenge of our design activity.
For this, we have passionate teams whose diverse profiles, experience and cultures provide an inestimable richness.

Storage in our warehouse
Young Temahome employee smiling at us
Loading dock of our warehouses
Wood processing machine
Aerial view of our facilities
Employee working on a digital jointer
Employee and apprentice checking their work
Smiling warehouseman on a forklift
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