Discover our range of designer sideboards, designed to provide excellent storage for your tableware, plants and books.

Why choose a designer sideboard?

At TEMAHOME, we always strive to give our furniture a contemporary look. Our designer sideboards are no exception, with their clean lines and simple shapes. They will blend in naturally with your interior decor while retaining their original functions.

Whether in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, our designer sideboards will showcase your collectables, tableware or plants. From our entire range, you'll find the sideboard that's just right for your living space. Don't wait any longer and let yourself be seduced by our sophisticated aesthetics and guaranteed functionality.

How do you choose a designer sideboard?

As with any new piece of furniture you add to your home, you need to consider the aesthetic coherence of your interior. The TEMAHOME range of sideboards offers a wide choice of materials and finishes. Whether in walnut, oak or even marble, the diversity of colours and textures will enable you to find the sideboard best suited to match your decor. The dimensions of your piece of furniture will also need to be taken into account, depending on your layout. It's essential that your new piece of furniture fits into its own dedicated space. Once you've found your favourite finishes and decided on the dimensions, all you have to do is choose your future TEMAHOME sideboard from our online shop!

What's the point of a designer sideboard?

When you move house or change your interior decoration, it's usually around an idea. You've probably adapted your living spaces to suit your personality, your desires and your loved ones. That's why it's important to always maintain an aesthetic and emotional consistency when adding new furniture to your space. At TEMAHOME, we offer a wide range of contemporary designer sideboards that fit in naturally with your current décor. Our designer sideboards are a good example of this thanks to their diverse and varied dimensions. Whether high or wide, they offer a wide choice of sizes and finishes to match your needs. The main advantage of a designer sideboard for your dining room is its storage capacity. Thanks to doors, drawers and other storage elements such as shelves, your sideboard can be used to store crockery, glasses, bar units, etc. With TEMAHOME, you don't just get a new piece of furniture for your home, you get a real artistic touch!

How to choose a sideboard?

Temahome's team of professional designers has created a range of designer furniture that will enable you to furnish your home with elegant, modern and functional sideboards. Our designer sideboards are perfect for storing your best tableware, displaying your souvenirs or organising your administrative files and photo albums. Whether you're looking to furnish your dining room, living room or kitchen, our sideboards are the perfect match for your interior design style.

Sleek, refined lines, contemporary design and a wide choice of finishes: you're bound to find the perfect sideboard to furnish your living spaces. You'll love showing off your designer sideboard by displaying your decorative objects, art books or even your most beautiful tropical plants. Express your own style while subtly transforming the look of your room!

A sideboard is a piece of furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, helping to enhance the décor of a living space with a great deal of finesse and refinement, even if it's just for storing your crockery. To choose the sideboard that will fit in perfectly with your living room, first select the height of your piece of furniture. A high sideboard will offer more storage space, while a low sideboard will be more discreet and elegant. You can then choose the length and depth of your sideboard according to the accessories you want to store. Finally, you can adapt the style of your sideboard to suit your interior design: a well-designed piece of furniture should fit in perfectly with your personality!

What are the functions of a designer sideboard?

A designer sideboard is the perfect combination of practicality, originality and elegance. The furniture proposed by our professional designers adds a light, refined and contemporary touch to your interior. What's more, Temahome's designer sideboards are functional and practical, with plenty of drawers to give your interior a significant amount of extra storage space. Their clean lines, impeccable finish and carefully thought-out dimensions will enhance your living room or kitchen. For added convenience, don't hesitate to opt for a high sideboard: it's the ideal compromise for optimising your storage space.

A modern sideboard is perfect for a living space with a kitchen that opens onto the dining room and living room. It's the ideal compromise between kitchen furniture and free-standing shelving. Whether you opt for a modern piece of furniture in solid wood, metal or white lacquer, it will give you plenty of storage options. Solid doors will hide your crockery, while drawers will allow you to store cutlery, small tableware, papers and other files.

What finish for a designer sideboard?

To fully satisfy your desires, our professional designers offer a wide range of finishes. Each of our designer sideboards can therefore be ordered in several different finishes: you are free to choose the colours of your furniture, such as lacquered white, grey or black, although other colours are also possible.

You can also choose the type of veneer and materials used. Walnut, oak, marble, metal, satin lacquer, natural wood leaf: it's up to you to select the finish that best matches your interior design. For a sober, refined piece of furniture, you can opt for a white lacquer finish with oak veneer. If, however, you appreciate the warmth of wood, don't hesitate to opt for an oak or walnut veneer finish. You can then modernise your designer sideboard with white lacquered panel doors. Add a large mirror or decorative frame above your sideboard to complete the look of this area of your home.

In which room should you place your designer sideboard?

At TEMAHOME, we've opted for furniture with a clean, contemporary style. Our designer sideboards are no exception. That's why we offer a wide range of furniture for different rooms in the house. But the question is, where is the best place to put them? Our answer is that it depends on your needs. For example, a designer sideboard is versatile, and has its place in your living room, bedroom or study. Whether you're using it to store your collectables or your clothes, for example, its spaciousness means you can organise their layout as well as possible. On the desk side, your designer sideboard will accommodate all the cables you don't currently use, such as chargers, USBs and power cables.

As well as the practical and functional aspect of your sideboard, it's also the aesthetic side that will tend to stand out in your interior. At TEMAHOME, our most popular colours are white, black and oak. These pure colours make our creations versatile and adapt naturally to any style. That's the advantage of a contemporary design: it brings with it a touch of elegance that will make your home shine. As for the different types of wood, we offer oak, walnut, wenge and smoked eucalyptus. 

This diversity opens many doors in terms of decoration. The richer the palette of colours and textures, the easier it will be for you to define your own style and the general atmosphere of your home.

Also, if you want to place a sideboard in your living room, make sure you use an open space. These pieces of furniture can quickly take up a lot of space, and although you'll gain in storage, you'll lose space when you need to move around. Similarly, designer sideboards can weigh in excess of 250kg, so it's essential that you're sure you'll like the unit and that it has a place in your home. When you order a new piece of furniture for your home, you also need to consider the size of the package. It's best to be cautious about the maximum possible size so you don't get stuck in the stairwell or lift. Take a good look at all these aspects before consulting the TEMAHOME catalogue.

Let's go back to the rooms in the house. As designer sideboards are imposing, they need to be chosen with tact. As we've seen, one parameter to take into account is size. Your kitchen, for example, even if it's open plan, will only be able to accommodate a piece of furniture the right size for it. Your living room, on the other hand, can easily be decorated with a bookcase as well as a multimedia corner equipped with a designer TV unit to match the rest of your interior decoration. Of course, you need to make sure that your new acquisition does not encroach on your living or moving space. As with your entrance hall, freedom of movement must be taken into account. Yes, you can add a small sideboard to act as a storage space for your shoes.

Finally, we also recommend that you add a designer sideboard to your office. At a time when home-office and teleworking are in vogue, it can be a real support for your printer as well as a spacious space for your collectables, cables or papers. Its place in this room of the house is a given! So don't forget: size, colour, style and design are the key words when it comes to finding the right furniture for your lifestyle.


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