Why choose a designer desk?

At TEMAHOME, every piece of furniture is important. It must be placed in harmony with your lifestyle, your décor, your expectations and those of your family and friends. Our designer desks are unique in that they combine aesthetics and functionality, allowing us to beautify your home while keeping a functional space for a computer, printer or any other accessory.

Our designer furniture will blend elegantly and modernly into your home. Some of the products in our stock even look like consoles or bookcases, but they are really designer secretaries. See how a TEMAHOME design desk can easily find its place in your home decor. Our creations are available in a wide range of finishes to match the furniture already in your home. The comfort and aesthetics will delight your "home office" corner, so don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge!


How do you choose a designer desk?

Adaptability is a key factor when choosing a product, whether your room is large, small or narrow. You need to find a desk that will remain trendy and timeless for your workspace, your living room or your bedroom. Thanks to our large stock of products, designed and created in France and Portugal by a team of in-house designers, you can integrate this new model to match your furniture and the décor of your room. The different functionalities are also important: storage, drawers, sliding shelves, etc. Ideally, you should be able to find a desk that allows you to store anything such as a book, notebook, sheets of paper, etc. on an enclosed shelf. Nothing should be ignored, so take your time before choosing your desk: straight, angled, with or without legs, the materials used, the dimensions, etc. A designer desk in black or white, made from oak or walnut, metal with a glass top, Scandinavian or industrial inspiration... Once you've clarified all these steps, all that's left to do is choose your product. Don't forget to make sure that the colour can easily stand out from the colour of the wall to which it will be attached, so that it becomes a key piece of decorative furniture.

How does it differ from a conventional desk?

The main difference is the aesthetic line created by our team of TEMAHOME designers, in harmony with our company values. Recycled materials that have been checked with our suppliers add value to our inspired concepts to enhance your interior. Your workplace shouldn't be a neglected part of your home. Although sometimes discreet, it is visible and should enhance your home. You'll be able to tell a modern designer desk from a more classic one by its aesthetics and the finish of its legs, which can be black metal or curved solid wood in shades of white or light oak. The creations from our TEMAHOME factories will fit in perfectly with your interior and feel right at home in your home.

How do I choose a designer desk?

The designer desks in the Temahome catalogue are created by designers who are keen to offer furniture that is both ethical and aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. Whether you're looking for a dedicated workspace, a desk for a small office or a desk for a bedroom or living room, our designer desks will give your home a stylish, modern twist. Temahome's collections combine comfort and contemporary aesthetics, and are the perfect match for your sideboards and bookcases. Whatever your needs, the furniture we offer will help you sublimate the decor of your rooms while giving you the opportunity to fully express your style. Marble, wood, open or closed storage spaces such as drawers, modulation options: thanks to our designers, you can create a workplace that's as comfortable as it is beautiful. Don't hesitate to select the design desk that best suits your needs and desires, and you'll be happy to return to your home office!

Above all, an office must be perfectly adapted to your living space. So, whether your office is large or small, a designer desk must fit in with the space you have available while meeting your functional requirements. When choosing the size of your office, you need to take two criteria into account: the surface area you need to work comfortably and the space you have available to set up your home office. So don't hesitate to measure your computer screen before choosing your designer desk. You can also check whether the height of the desk matches the chair or armchair you already have. If you like to take handwritten notes, be sure to leave extra space. Finally, think about the storage space you need to organise all your documents when selecting your product (drawers, shelves or cupboards). Once you've worked out what you need, you can choose a finish and design to suit you. This will give your workplace a warm, modern or refined touch.

What is the purpose of a designer desk?

The first quality of a designer desk is that it matches the style of your interior. The furniture stock offered by Temahome's designers is conceived in a modern, refined and functional design: that's why all our designer desks fit in with the decor of your bedroom, your living room or your home office. Temahome desks give your work area a subtly original touch while providing the comfort you need. A home office must be functional and ergonomic so that you're happy to return to your designer desk every day. Choosing a desk made by our professional designers means opting for the elegance and aesthetics of a product, whatever your needs and desires.

Whether you need to keep your files tidy or want to display your favourite decorative items, our desks will fit in perfectly with your everyday life. Some of the products in our range are ideal for a Scandinavian-style children's bedroom, for example. Whether you choose angled models, with storage, with or without drawers, there's bound to be a product to suit you in our collection. And don't forget that the range of materials offered by our teams will give your home a touch of modernity that you can easily customise to suit your style. Designing a designer desk isn't always easy, which is why Temahome offers a wide range of styles and curves. Make sure you check the width of the desk top to ensure it fits your space as well as possible, and don't forget to check the height of the desk in relation to your office chair or armchair to make sure you're sitting comfortably enough. If you can, think about your comfort and productivity and invest in a designer wooden desk, one of our white and oak workstation models or a modern black metal desk.

Comment vous faire livrer votre bureau ?

Pour l'achat de votre bureau design ou d'une table, d'un canapé, d'un lit etc... TEMAHOME vous propose la livraison en France Métropolitaine et en Europe. Le délai d’expédition est de 72h ouvrées à compter de la réception de la confirmation de la commande. Ces délais sont calculés en jours ouvrables (sauf dimanche et jours fériés).

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