Every living space is important at TEMAHOME, and here you'll find our selection that will make your bedroom shine! 

How to choose bedroom storage furniture? 

At TEMAHOME, we know that keeping your wardrobe tidy is important to you. Our teams of designers in France and Portugal work every year to create storage furniture that is both discreet and spacious. Our creations naturally combine contemporary aesthetics with the functionality required to hold socks, trousers and jumpers. Our wide selection of desks, chests of drawers and bookcases, in a variety of sizes, can be easily adapted to suit your decor. Once you've defined your style, all you have to do is choose! 

Why do I need bedroom storage units? 

First and foremost, when you decorate your home, you want it to be tidy and representative of your lifestyle. To achieve this, every item must have its place. Our selection of TEMAHOME storage units guarantees you a wide range of products that combine aesthetics and functionality. Designed and manufactured in our factories in France and Portugal, our creations will enable you to store your clothes, books or collections of all kinds in an orderly fashion, so that your home is well furnished. You'll also find a range of contemporary beds that will fit right into your cosy nest. We take great care to ensure that functionality is never overlooked, while at the same time guaranteeing that our bedroom furniture is both timeless and aesthetically pleasing. 

What finishes for bedroom storage furniture? 

The choice of shapes and colours is essential when redecorating. That's why our range of TEMAHOME bedroom storage units comes in a variety of finishes. Oak, walnut or marble, metal or wooden legs and light or dark colours. Don't forget to look at the amount of storage you need. Whether it's for your bedside table, your wardrobe or your bed, once you've defined your expectations, all you have to do is make your choice!

How to choose bedroom furniture with storage? 

For a bedroom to be pleasant and for you to be able to rest peacefully in it, the furniture that takes its place must imperatively be functional. That's why Temahome's professional designers create storage units that are spacious and easy to use every day. You'll be able to organise your clothes, shoes and accessories with ease, while enjoying a range of furniture with a timeless design. Our bedroom storage units are designed with clean, elegant lines that will blend in perfectly with the décor of your room. 

Our storage furniture ranges are designed to meet all your needs and desires. They come in a wide range of finishes, so you can choose the bedroom furniture that perfectly matches the layout and décor of your room. Don't hesitate to opt for the harmony of functionality and aesthetics!

Above all, a piece of storage furniture should make it easy to organise all the clothes and objects you want to have in your bedroom. To select a piece of bedroom furniture that perfectly matches your needs and your décor, first define the number of storage units you need. If you need to hang up a few shirts or dresses, you'll also need a suitable hanging space. If you need to store files or notebooks, you'll need a dedicated storage area where you can hang your pockets, for example. To make the most of your storage space, remember to measure your bedroom so that you can choose a piece of storage furniture that fits in perfectly with your décor and space.

Why do I need bedroom storage units? 

It's not pleasant to live in a messy room: so that you can make the most of your bedroom, your furniture must have enough storage space. Temahome's teams have designed a range of storage units to meet your functional needs and space constraints when furnishing your bedrooms. You'll be able to easily organise your files, hang your washing and neatly stack your best jumpers. And don't forget that storage furniture can be both functional and beautiful. The furniture designed by our designers is a perfect example of this combination! With their sleek, refined shapes, our bedroom storage units will blend in perfectly with your bedroom décor. 

How do you choose the finishes for a bedroom storage unit? 

Choosing the colours and materials for your bedroom storage furniture is an important step in defining the atmosphere you want to give your bedroom. Light or dark wood is ideal for adding a little warmth to a room. Combined with neutral, contemporary colours such as white, walnut or oak will make your décor even more elegant. You can also combine the simplicity of white or the warmth of oak with metal legs to give your furniture a modern, industrial charm.

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