Coffee and side table

Why choose a designer coffee table?

At TEMAHOME, we have added a pure and timeless design to our coffee tables with the aim of reconciling art and functionality. Contemporary artistic elements such as finishes, colours and veneers are combined with shapes to suit your interior.

Whether square or rounded, with or without storage, our coffee tables will subtly embellish your existing furniture. Our eco-responsible creations are above all designed to meet your needs and those of your loved ones. Choosing a TEMAHOME design coffee table means combining ease of use with aesthetic appeal for your living space.

How do you integrate a designer coffee table into your living room?

Overall aesthetic coherence is essential when you're decorating your house or flat. Our designer coffee tables have been designed to offer a wide range of customisation options, so the choice is yours! Do you prefer an oak, walnut or marble top? A metal or wooden base? This wide choice of finishes gives our furniture a diversity that will match your style. The chemistry between your coffee table and the rest of the room, particularly the sofa, is essential to ensure a warm and welcoming living space for you and your loved ones.

What style for a designer coffee table?

The choice of style is very important to ensure a uniform interior design for your living room. TEMAHOME's designer coffee tables are designed in a contemporary style that will allow you to enjoy an elegant and airy piece of furniture. Whether black, grey or light tones, our coffee tables will add charm to your decor. The harmony between the shapes (round, square or rectangular) and the materials used in our creations creates a unique look. Built-in niches or drawers also ensure that the furniture is functional while retaining the elegance of our style. Once you've reviewed all these options, you can make your choice and make the most of your living room for an aperitif with friends, an evening out with your loved ones or a convivial moment with the family.

How do you choose a designer coffee table?

The coffee table is the centrepiece of any living room, playing a role that is both functional and convivial. The designer coffee tables created by our team of professional designers will meet your needs perfectly and add a touch of contemporary decoration to your living room. Don't hesitate to decorate your living room area with designer furniture whose clean, elegant lines will fit in perfectly with your decor and tastes.

You'll love adorning your designer coffee table with beautiful flowers or books! Our ranges of designer furniture are designed to meet the functional needs of all types of interiors, with different models and colours to choose from. You can choose coffee tables with storage space and tops of varying sizes to accommodate your guests and family activities.

As the coffee table is a central piece of furniture in your life and your home, it's important to choose it carefully. As well as embellishing your living room, a coffee table can be used to welcome guests, gather the family around a game or simply store a few accessories. The size and amount of storage space available are important points to consider when choosing your coffee table.

So, if you're used to entertaining friends, opt for a large tray: you'll then have all the space you need to make the most of this warm moment. If your living room needs to be organised, make sure you also have some storage space. You can then choose your favourite finishes to create a new ambience for your living room.

What is the purpose of a designer coffee table?

A designer coffee table is both decorative and functional. That's why Temahome's designers are keen to offer you coffee tables that perfectly combine utility and elegance. In our range of designer coffee tables, you'll find pieces with plenty of storage space, tops of varying sizes, and a variety of materials that will perfectly enhance the decor of your living room. Whether you're entertaining friends, enjoying an aperitif with your loved ones, playing games with the kids or simply enjoying an evening of TV in front of a pleasant decor, don't hesitate to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by your designer coffee table!

How do you choose the finish for your designer coffee table?

The choice of finish for a designer coffee table is very important, since it's the trendy materials and colors that will help define the atmosphere of your living room. Temahome coffee tables are designed in a contemporary style that will enable you to enjoy an elegant and comfortable living room. Neutral tones and wood provide a cosy, elegant ambience, so you'll find our range of designer coffee tables with oak or walnut veneered furniture and lacquered white and black colors. Temahome products are made in Europe.

For example, if you usually dine with your family around your living room coffee table rather than at your dining room or kitchen table, the finishes of our designer tables will undoubtedly suit you. You'll be able to maintain them easily with a cleaning product dedicated to each finish. Whether you need a designer coffee table in solid oak, a table with metal legs and a black or white marble top, our quality coffee tables will adapt to your needs and won't be used as mere occasional furniture.

Some of our models, particularly our contemporary tables in light and white oak, have storage spaces, ideal for stocking a variety of living room accessories. A tray superimposed on another as a base will allow you to add pretty storage boxes or display decorative objects such as vases, candles, frames, etc.

What size should I choose for a contemporary coffee table?

Even though there are minimalist decorating trends in shades of beige or white, you are free to choose the dimensions of your living room furniture. Make sure your coffee table is comfortable enough to match your sofa or armchair.

If you're going to use it in an office, for a relaxing, friendly, discussion-friendly corner, make sure that it doesn't become the star piece of furniture in the room by choosing a smaller size that's just as practical and easy to work with.

In short, whether you choose an oak, black or white marble, or glass and steel coffee table, take the time to select it carefully according to the furniture you already have, the ambience you want to give your room, the function you want this new piece of furniture to serve and the format (rectangular, round, square...) you would like to have. You're sure to find the centrepiece you need for your contemporary decor from our extensive catalogue of quality TEMAHOME furniture.


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