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Bar table

Why choose a designer bar table?

Our teams of designers in France and Portugal have come up with quality furniture such as stools, sideboards and magnificent designer bar furniture for you and your loved ones. Whether it's for an aperitif, breakfast or a snack, our bar tables are tailored to your needs. The contemporary aesthetic means that our creations blend naturally with your interior decor.

For a cozy, modern or refined atmosphere, our bars are designed for new lifestyles. With or without matching chairs, you'll easily find the one that suits you best. With wood, metal or marble finishes, our wide range of colours and textures will help you find your own unique style. Don't hesitate any longer and take the time to consider one of our elegant designer barstools.

What is the purpose of designer bar furniture?

All TEMAHOME creations are designed to combine aesthetics and functionality. As bar furniture is used on many occasions, it must respect this scheme. It must match your style and your interior decoration. Thanks to their matching chairs, you will have a piece of furniture that is naturally in harmony with your home.

What's more, you'll retain optimum functionality thanks to spacious, easily accessible storage. Whether it's black, white or beige, your future bar furniture will be visually consistent with your interior, while providing a place for you and your family to meet and share. Take a look at our collection!

What finishes for designer bar furniture?

When you choose your TEMAHOME designer bar furniture, you accept a contemporary and unique style. It must match your home. That's why we offer a wide range of choices for materials such as wood, marble or metal as well as several choices of colours. Oak veneer, walnut or black and white marble, every aesthetic decision is important to guarantee a subtle touch to your decor. Our creations ensure a moment of conviviality and sharing while preserving the visual harmony of your interior. Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is choose the designer bar unit that suits you best!

How to choose bar furniture?

The bar furniture made by our designers is perfect for entertaining friends in style. Beautiful and functional, they will give your kitchen or living room a touch of warmth and relaxation. To meet all your needs and desires, the Temahome teams design bar furniture to suit your living space.

We offer a range that includes table-bar sets with high chairs, as well as bar furniture that includes storage space. To make the most of the functionality of our bar furniture, you can even modulate certain volumes to suit your needs. Whether you need an extra dining table or want to add a bar area to your living space, don't hesitate to liven up your interior with designer bar furniture.

In a house or flat, a piece of bar furniture can have several functions: it can be used as a bar when you're entertaining friends, but it can also be used for your daily meals and snacks "at the counter". So choose your designer bar furniture according to what you want to do with it, but also according to the space you have available to install it. Many bar models can be used as a high table, as a separation between the kitchen and the living room or as a central island in a kitchen.

It's up to you to define the function of your bar table! You can then opt for a design that matches the décor of your home: modern, refined, cosy, relaxed - there's no limit to the ambience you can envisage. Make sure you take into account the dimensions of your contemporary furniture, and in particular its height, so that you can easily fit stools or high chairs and make the most of it as storage, a dining table and a real space for sharing.

What is the purpose of designer bar furniture?

Whether you're entertaining friends or family, taking a snack break, working, having lunch or drinking a coffee, a piece of designer bar furniture has many functions in your daily life. To meet all your expectations, our designers have created designer bar furniture that ideally combines functionality and user-friendliness. For example, our designer bar furniture can be used as a china cabinet to store your glasses, cookery books, drinks or aperitif utensils, while giving you the chance to sit down comfortably with your friends.

A bar unit can also save you a lot of space, so you'll be able to welcome more guests for your aperitifs: it's a convivial place around which people always like to gather for a relaxed chat in the early evening. 

This means you can easily use your designer bar furniture as a work surface, a bar partition or a high table.

How do I choose the finish for my designer bar furniture?

Our designer bar tables come in a range of finishes, so it's up to you to choose the colour and material you prefer. The colour and material of your bar furniture will add a new atmosphere to your living space: solid marble, natural oak, walnut, concrete, you name it. Don't hesitate to liven up your interior by adding a touch of warmth and conviviality.

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